[441/441] All squared up

This is it! The conclusion of Mission 441!  It’s been four hundred and forty one days of consecutive blog posts, and although I may have doubted myself at times as to whether I could complete this task, here I am!  As I mentioned when I extended M.M.X.I.V. to Mission 441, part of the rationale was to get 21 squared, since the number 21 was part of the impetus for me to start my blog.

mission accomplished

I’d like to reflect on Mission 441 in this post, as well as to give the answer to the Colonel’s riddle.

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[440/441] In the bag

This post is inspired by a post that I read the other day from The Daily Tay. I would have posted about it yesterday, but I had already written my Riddle post when I had read her post. So, let’s take a look at what was in my bag yesterday… and by bag, I mean backpack.  I do not own a “murse” (man-purse).  Let me spread out the bag on a Table of Contents…

A treasure trove awaits!

[439/441] Colonel’s riddle

In preparation to end Mission 441, a Colonel has asked to provide a riddle to my readers.  Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to follow the Colonel’s riddle and answer his questions at the end of this post.  Please guess at any time, although I will not respond to Guess Comments until I post the solution on a future post (which may or may not be part of Mission 441.)

Riddle me THIS!

[438/441] TBT: February 4, 2006

Based off my recent bus trip to Hoffman Estates, I figured that it would be fun to recall my first bus trip for a women’s basketball game… during my freshman year at UNL.  The details are not nearly as detailed as some of the other Full Journals that I have done.  This is the original journal, although I have made a few of the words links corresponding to previous posts, and also use [brackets] for a few clarifications.

Off to the Little Apple…