[Tour of Israel Part 3] Day of Museums

Thursday, June 8 / יום חמישי. 14 סיון

My day started at 06:45, again to Seth’s alarm on his phone. I equipped a white button-down shirt and black pants, and we both elevated (er, descended) to the lobby. I ate breakfast with Seth and the Feldmans, and had salad, lox, croissant, tea, and more. It was another long day, so I will skip further details prior to getting on the bus. I want to detail the adventures, not the meals!

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[M.A.P.L.E. VI-16] Walking tacos

On Sunday night, I volunteered for the Late Night Breakfast at Carthage: an event where students get to eat free food of the breakfast-style variety the night before finals begin.

Last semester, I worked at the popular Crepes station, and this time, I worked at the New Place: the Walking Tacos station. Yes… even though I wouldn’t consider that breakfast food.

Nevertheless, the bar spurred my dinner for Monday, as well as a blog post for Tuesday. Ha!

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Lucky numbers

On Friday, Dina and I went to Koi for dinner–might as well have a nice Chinese dinner on the weekend before rice becomes forbidden for a week due to Passover. (Well, since our tradition is to avoid קיטניות (kitniot: including maize, rice, peas, lentils, and beans) in addition to חמץ (chametz: leavened).

It was a nice dinner, and at the end, we of course opened fortune cookies. The reading of the full fortune, as well as the lucky numbers, brought back a memory for me.

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Singin’ on the ice

Today’s post will be a sequence of quatrains that involves ice and stranded (and will hopefully flow into a coherent story). A few songs will be injected in at the same time.

Here is a video of me orally interpreting the post. Follow along if you’d like!

A long day at work had ended a little dreary

As I had decided to alter the Session I material

Swapping out Fair Division for Graph Theory

And the clouds outside were not ethereal

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