Relativity Redux

I have written several blog posts about temperature relativity, usually during the spring when I’m talking about how warm it feels when it “finally” reaches 40 degrees after the deep freeze.

Over the last week, I have experienced the relativity in BOTH directions… or at least observed it!

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This post is “February,” but replacing the “eh” with “luh” and the “air” with “arrrrrrrrgh!”

This month has been nonstop frustration, and it turns out that my frustration is fully justified!

In February, Eau Claire has gotten more snow than any month in its recorded weather history. Not only taken the record, but smashed it over the head!


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Skating away to seasons of love… yet no one together? I know!

I’m mashing up four songs in today’s blog post title, and since I’m doing that, I might as well post videos for all of them! This seems to be a recurring theme on my blog: songs that inspire the post. Well, since I love music, the songs readily become salient to me when certain stories pop up: either “Fantasia” style (where the song inspires the story) or “Looney Tunes” style (where the story inspires the choice of song).

This time, it’s Looney Tunes style. However, this post is more of a movie or a four-part TV episode! Thankfully, you can binge read it; I’m not splitting this post into episodes.

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Nightfall comes later #writephoto

On Christmas Day, I wrote about time. Specifically, the days of the week and the lack of knowledge of them when on vacation.

This time, I’m talking about the day itself, with a beautiful photo provided by Sue Vincent for the #writephoto prompt.

And unlike previous prompts, this prompt is not poetic nor fictional, but personal reflections.


The sun behind the bare branches of winter trees in a blue sky darkened by clouds.

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