[M.A.P.L.E. IV-12] Fame

I’ll start this post with an errata. Yep, I screwed up, because I had two “M.A.P.L.E. IV-10” posts! Clearly I forgot that yesterday was the 11th… so it goes with losing track of time! But, having those misnumberings shows that I am human, and I think it also makes a funny story.

Now to today’s post. The title makes me think of a song that I find quite funny, to follow (especially at the 2:36 part).

On Saturday night, when I was reading blogs, I caught a roundup post on A Cup of Tay. One of the blog posts that was featured was from another “Tay” site: The Daily Tay to be precise, and her 27 Things About A Small Town post.

Prepare for freemasons, confusion, return by sensation of concrete results! With two blogs involving the name Tay, I will have to resort to a lot of parentheses in the next paragraph or so: I will use Tay for the “A Cup of Tay” blogger and “Taylor” for the “The Daily Tay” blogger.  Confused yet?

OK, here we go.

On Tay’s roundup post, I wrote a comment saying how I had read Taylor’s post as well, and how I was not from THAT small of a town. I also mentioned that I have met Taylor in person at Husker tailgates.

Tay responded, “No way! That’s so funny that you know her! She’s a pretty famous blogger so now you can (kind of) say you know a celebrity ;)”

Although I have been in the blogosphere for almost four years, I don’t really follow the fame of bloggers–if they have topics that interest me, I will follow them, or if their writing style intrigues me, I will read. I am certainly a largely-unknown in the blogosphere, but my goal is not to be super-famous, since my career is not blogging. I’d love to keep it as a hobby that others enjoy reading.

The idea about knowing a celebrity, however, somewhat relates to me! Both at the University of Nebraska and Northwestern, I was/am a huge fan of their intercollegiate athletics. I have been particularly visible at the basketball games, as the dancing hard-hat wearer. Both in Lincoln and Evanston, I’ve been approached by people that I don’t particularly know well, who have complimented me on my dancing and school spirit.

I am not good with names and faces anyway, but particularly in this case, since I am the public figure, many others know me versus the people that I know.

I have been interviewed by several journalism students about my Asperger syndrome and/or my superfandom, and their B-rolls have often made me feel like celebrities might feel in having paparazzi all around. There’s no need for a bodyguard, though, since I am not filthy-rich, protecting any drug habits, or anything like that 🙂

Well, maybe I need body armour when I ride my bike on the trails :p

The idea of “celebrity” can be very localized or very globalized. And what is “celebrity” to one person may be “total unknown” to another person.  And although I enjoy being celebrated by others at sporting events, I do not go crazy for notoriety–I just act as myself!

What is your take on fame, celebrities, and this idea?


Today is the twelfth (yes, I got it right :p) day of the fourth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes one week and five days.

היום שמונה ושלושים יום–שהם חמישה שבועות ושלושה ימים לעומר

The countdown to “D-Day” is 20 days.

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2 thoughts on “[M.A.P.L.E. IV-12] Fame

  1. I’m so honored that my post sparked a blog post of yours! It IS funny how celebrity is all relative. When my fiance brings up various political figures he loves and feels are “celebrities,” because I’m not as familiar with politics, I don’t see those people the same way and I’m much more excited about music artists I like, for example.


    • Ah, an excellent example. Similarly, it is with celebrated faces in the academic world that are complete unknowns to the general public. One of the former professors in my department was a key contributor to an entire field, but I had never heard of him prior to starting at Northwestern!

      P.S. Did you like the song?


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