Skating away to seasons of love… yet no one together? I know!

I’m mashing up four songs in today’s blog post title, and since I’m doing that, I might as well post videos for all of them! This seems to be a recurring theme on my blog: songs that inspire the post. Well, since I love music, the songs readily become salient to me when certain stories pop up: either “Fantasia” style (where the song inspires the story) or “Looney Tunes” style (where the story inspires the choice of song).

This time, it’s Looney Tunes style. However, this post is more of a movie or a four-part TV episode! Thankfully, you can binge read it; I’m not splitting this post into episodes.

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-30] This hat is made for dancing!

My most iconic use of the hard hat when I was at UNL and Northwestern was the crazy dancing that I did to the band’s music at basketball, volleyball, and football games.

However, after graduating from Northwestern, that tradition of hard hats and dancing did not proceed to UW-Stout, as I figured that it was probably better to have a more professional decorum at the games. Granted, I still got involved in cheering, but was a little more subdued than when I was a student.

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[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-27] SAKA

Another long day for me today with nonstop fun:

  • Drove to the Twin Cities for services, which included a recognition of Rabbi Allen’s upcoming retirement
    • Lots of good speakers, I was happy to see some of my TC friends, and it was just overall a nice return to that synagogue after a month’s hiatus
  • Back at home, went 3-0 in a Pokemon Lost Thunder pre-release
  • Watched the Nebraska and Northwestern football games on DVR, successfully having avoided spoilers for both games
    • Enjoyed Chicago-style hot dogs (without mustard or relish) while watching, as well as doing a bunch of ironing of clothes

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