In some sense, this has a joke from today’s stats class where I did the Discover frog protection joke (though I didn’t orally produce the joke).

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Self-imposed challenges

It seems that in my recreation and transportation, I tend to impose a lot of challenges on myself that are imposed by nobody else. Some of them that I want to touch on are the following:

  • Car gas mileage.
  • Speed on bike commutes.
  • Rogue deck-building in the Pokemon TCG.

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Rainbow Bridge

On my first night living in Eau Claire, I was downtown to get dinner after a long day of driving, box-moving, sacred chanting, and TV-shopping. After dinner, I drove back toward my apartment using a route that I always used to leave Eau Claire’s downtown to return to Menomonie when I lived in Menomonie three years ago.

As I drove on Madison Street on the Chippewa River bridge, lights to my left caught my attention. The lights were coming from the pedestrian bridge downriver (or is it upriver when it’s to the south?)

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Maybe I should put a (appropriate for all audiences) tag in the title.

But perhaps the word “bonk” only means a more risque thing across the pond.

When I think of the word “bonk,” three things come to mind.

  • The sound of some buzzers in the Super Mario franchise of video games seem to onomatopoeia to “bonk!” (especially in the NES and Super NES eras)
  • A common arc in the “Mutts” newspaper comic is for squirrels to pelt any being below their tree with acorns, and the word *BONK* always appears when the person or animal is pelted.
  • The word “bonk” is used for marathon runners around the 20th mile, when they “hit the wall.”

Well, that last one will have applied to me. I don’t think taking the supplement “Bonk Breaker” would have helped.

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