[M.A.P.L.E. IX-14] Circles in the middle of nowhere #writephoto

The prompt’s title was “Dance,” although this is an interesting title given that nobody’s dancing here. Sue, I’ll find a way to incorporate that word!

After being in the maze of corn for so long, Roswell and Wanda finally saw an opening.

But it wasn’t just a maize maze that they were in: from above their superiors could see a distinct pattern. But, there was a dark area from where their superiors could see.

The day was bright and sunny for Wanda and Roswell when they entered the maize. But, as they continued to go, the skies started to get darker and darker.

Wanda called to the superiors, “I hope we can still communicate with you, as I notice the darkness that you’re noticing.” Roswell butted in, “Maybe there’s something that we need to investigate.”

So, they continued as the skies got darker.

Eventually, a clearing came with the green carpet of grass, instead of the yellow hay that they were walking through. The sun was almost completely blotted out, and there was a mysterious circle ahead.

Wanda said to Roswell, “There seem to be a lot of these outcroppings in the world. There was Stonehenge, there was Carhenge, and now we have this circle.”

Roswell: “Perhaps these circles tell us something of the civilization that our superiors previously talked about…”

Wanda and Roswell tried to communicate from this circle with the superiors, but the communication could not pierce the clouds.

They thought, “We’ve been in this situation before, and there’s some sort of puzzle or hidden area that we have to look into. This should give us answers as to what happened, and perhaps we can report to the superiors, since they are concerned about this darkness.”

They looked up toward the blotted sun, shielding their eyes. A ray of light broke through, which prompted the archaeologists’ secret art: the sun dance. This dance, combined with the light, revealed a secret passageway in the center of the circle…


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Today is the fourteenth day of the ninth round of M.A.P.L.E.: that’s two weeks.

Today is the thirty-first day of Frozen Limbo — for four weeks and three days.

אתמול היה חמישה ושלושים יום: שהיו חמישה שבועות לעומר

Today is the sixty-third day of the Consider Other Viewpoints In Dissemination: comprising nine weeks.



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