[Tour of Israel Part 5] A Relaxing Shabbat

Saturday, June 10 / יום שבת. 16 סיון

I arose at 07:30. Re-donning last night’s clothes, I went down for breakfast, in the manner of taking the שבת elevator (which has the buttons disabled and stops at every floor, moving relatively slowly). Breakfast was basically identical to what I had on previous days, but there was obviously no omelet/pancake station available. All of the shul-goers got up and met us, in anticipation for leaving.

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[Tour of Israel Part 4] Masada Without Incident

Friday, June 9 / יום שישי, 15 סיון

After a restless sleep, I was awake at 06:45. Just like six years ago, I had a restless night prior to Masada, but this will NOT have the same aftermath — there will NOT be a SPLAT! I donned my Taglit shirt and some shorts, and had breakfast downstairs. I was not thrilled with the cheese that I tried, and given last night, played it a little conservatively with my food choices. A long day is ahead, and I wrote this paragraph when I was in the airport, at 23:40. In other words, GIDDYUP!

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[Tour of Israel Part 3] Day of Museums

Thursday, June 8 / יום חמישי. 14 סיון

My day started at 06:45, again to Seth’s alarm on his phone. I equipped a white button-down shirt and black pants, and we both elevated (er, descended) to the lobby. I ate breakfast with Seth and the Feldmans, and had salad, lox, croissant, tea, and more. It was another long day, so I will skip further details prior to getting on the bus. I want to detail the adventures, not the meals!

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[Tour of Israel Day 2] Tunneling Through Ancient Cities

Wednesday, June 7 (יום רביעי, 13 סיון)

Seth’s alarm blared at 06:30, but I rose to my own alarm at 06:45. Equipping the red TI shirt and khakis, we went to the Lobby and had breakfast in the dining hall together. I had Israeli salad with hummus, a croissant, juice, and plain yogurt — the latter was not to my liking. I will omit the rest of the prelim details, since the day was a really long one!

We headed on the bus (except for one hold-out from illness), and took off at 08:15. We’re going to the Old City again! Gili repeated his stories about הר הזיתים (Mt. of Olives), and the valleys,, and without a פקק this morning, it was a quick arrival at עיר דוד (City of David). At the gate, there was a harp motif, as well as the name… in ANCIENT Hebrew! There, the daleths were like deltas, and other letters didn’t resemble modern Hebrew at all! Nevertheless, it was exciting to read.

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[Tour of Israel: Day 1] Outside The Old City

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 (יום שלישי, 12 סיון)

I got up at 06:45 to an alarm, and answered some social media prompts. Then, I donned my white button-down shirt and striped slacks. Going downstairs and getting the right elevator guess (1 of 1 today!) I saw the big buffet, which included fish and lots of other good stuff in the dining room of the hotel. Food will wait until after services, however!

I walked up west on רחוב קרן היסוד (Keren HaYesod Street), and turned just before the Leonardo in order to get to קהילת מורשת ישראל (Congregation Moreshet Israel), the מסורתי (Israeli-Conservative) synagogue. We started at תהילים ל (Psalm 30), and the prayerbook was actually familiar: it was Sim Shalom—the same one that many American Conservative congregations use! The service proceeded entirely in Hebrew (not surprisingly).

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